Reaching into infinity


CD, LP, Digital, Special Edition CD+DVD

Releasedate 19. Mai 2017

Die heutige Welt ist verrückt – es gibt Angst vor der Zukunft, Unsicherheit. Aber die Kraft der Musik ist unendlich und sie kann den Menschen Stärke und Hoffnung geben.“, so erklärt Fred zusammenfassend den Inhalt der neuen Veröffentlichung. Wer jetzt aber Chaos auf dem siebten Studioalbum befürchtet, der kann sich wieder entspannt zurück lehnen. DRAGONFORCE machen genau dort weiter, wo das sensationelle „Maximum overload“ aufgehört hat. Ein Gitarrenfeuerwerk wie es nur von Herman und Sam abgefeuert werden kann. Killertracks, melodische Vocal-Highlights und eine unglaubliche Dynamik geben dem neuen Album eine unausweichliche Bestnote, so dass bei einer weiteren musikalischen Steigerung der Band, vielleicht im Jahre 2019, unser Bewertungssystem neu überdacht werden muss.  (nw)



  1. Reaching into Infinity
  2. Ashes of the Dawn
  3. Judgement Day
  4. Astral Empire
  5. Curse of Darkness
  6. Silence
  7. Midnight Madness
  8. WAR!
  9. Land of Shattered Dreams
  10. The Edge of the World
  11. Our Final Stand


Special edition

Bonus Tracks

  1. Hatred and Revenge
  2. Evil Dead


Disc 2 – Bonus DVD

DragonForce Live at Woodstock Festival Poland 2016

  1. Holding On
  2. Heroes of Our Time
  3. Operation Ground and Pound
  4. Holding On (Multi-angles)
  5. Heroes of Our Time (Multi-angeles)
  6. Operation Ground and Pound (Multi-Angles)




C&D:   Please tell us something about the production for your new studio album.

Sam:    Well, it was produced by a guy called Jens Borgen, who’s from Sweden. And he produced the last album, we thought that he did a really good job, let’s do it again. And so the production is very lovely.

C&D:   How many songs do you wrote for the album?

Sam:    We write all twelve songs. I did four. I wrote one with the keybordplayer. But Mark, our Singer wrote the lyrics.

C&D:   Do you have a favorite track on the album and why?

Sam:    Well, I think my favorite Song is the third song called “Judgment Day”. I just like it. It sounds good, and it makes me feel good. I have some cool parts in it and it makes me happy. Everything I like about our still of music.

C&D:   Please tell us something about the limited bonus DVD and how you choose the


Sam:    We filmed at the Wood Stock Festival in Poland. We had a lot of material from other festivals, but we thought that this is cool, because this looks a bit different than the normal festivals. That’s why we took  it from that and also all the camera angels are cool. If people want to look at me all the time, they can do that or at Herman. It’s very cool. But I never looked at myself, so I don’t know, but Herman told me it’s good.

C&D:   You will play a small club, Black Heart in London, on april 12th. Why did you choose this club for your release show?

Sam:    Well, I don’t know exactly. I`ve never been there before. Gee choose it and said it is a pretty good idea. But yeah, we thought before about a launch release party. But to put it in a small place only a bunch of people can come, so really big fans. That’s cool to see people that like us really and hear our music. It’s like a party and it’s really cool.

C&D:   What can we expect from the forthcoming tour?

Sam:    You can expect, some really handsome men on stage that tries to look young. We play new Songs, play the old one. And try to look cool.


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