Die hierzulande noch unbekannte spanische Band DEADYARD veröffentlicht schon nächste Woche ihr neues Album „ARMAGEDDON IT!“ bei HFMN/Cargo.

Hier das erste Video zu „The Escapist Song“ anschauen:

Since „The Escapist Song“ kicks off, Deadyard makes it clear that they are not here to take prisoners, that they want only maelstrom, the open grave, the full throttle, the far and beyond. Kicking ass guitars, monolithic drums rhythms and a hurricane vocalist, reign barbarities like „Armaggedon It!“ (I bet that Turbonegro would give their ass for having this song in his setlist), or „Old & Angry” that builds an electric wall that shields „Music’s Dead“. These boys know well what they’re doing! And this is just the beginning! This “Armageddon it!” is a must! It’s an album that have to stay for long time in our minds, because it deserves it! The fucking Deadyard. (Manuel Celeiro)

Artist: Deadyard
Titel: The Escapist Song
Spielzeit: 3:09
ISRC: ES71G1930432
Music & Lyrics by: Pablito Migraña (vocals), Carlos Santolobo (guitar), Xavi Morell (guitar), Marc Morell (drums), Rau (bass guitar)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Gorka Dresbaj. Produced by Deadyard y Gorka Dresbaj, during 2019.

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