So etwas können auch nur Finnen vollbringen. STEVE`N`SEAGULLS haben mit ihrem Debut, was eigentlich als Sideprojekt geplant war, den Metal-Vogel abgeschossen. Zu hören sind Metal-Klassiker wie „Black dog“, „Paradise city“, „Run to the hills“ und „Ich will“ – gespielt mit Folklore Instrumenten.

Nun kommen diese quirligen Bauern auf Tour. Am Sonntag den 11.Oktober spielen sie im Privat Club. Wer noch keine Karte hat, sollte sich beeilen sowas gibt es nur einmal.

Im aktuellen CUTE AND DANGEROUS findet sich ein Interview mit der Band, welches Chefredakteur Enrico Strehlow geführt hat. Hier veröffentlichen wir das komplette Interview im Original.

 Steve n Seagulls


by Enrico Strehlow


  1. Who had the idea of creating these cover versions of famous Rock songs?

”This was originally a side project that started out as a sort of a concept band for a short tour in Finland, so I guess it was our agency’s idea at that time.”

  1. Why did you choose the songs on the album?

”We thought that they were good rock songs that just seemed kind of natural for us to do.”

  1. Did you make this decision out of personal reasons?

”Yes, partly at least. All of us have our own favorites so individual taste does matter in selecting the songs we cover.”

  1. Do you think you will repeat this concept?

”Likely. We will probably record a second album some time next year.”

  1. Would you like to cover some other genres?

”Definitely! And we have done that before.”

  1. Which song was the most fun to play?

”Tough question, can’t really answer… Would have been easier if I had been asked that just after finishing recording, but now, I honestly don’t know.”

  1. Did you have fun playing and singing a German song?

”Natürlich! It was especially fun for me because I like the language and have studied it at school.”

  1. Would you like to play more German songs?

”Sure, any suggestions?”

  1. Is there a song you miss on the album?

”Well, we play all of them on our gigs now so I haven’t really had the chance to miss any of them!”

  1. Did you ever join a school-newspaper when you were younger?

”I would have, if there had been one in our school. But sadly, no.”

  1. Would you recommend the job of a musician?

”If you want big money and/or a healthy lifestyle, no. But it’s a vocation and you can’t really think of it ”only” as a job.”

  1. Which one was your first instrument?

”My very first instrument was the piano, but I gave that up at an early age. When I was about 12 I started playing the electric bass and that was it.”

  1. Now you will bring these songs on stage?

”Oh yes. We have been playing them live for some time now.”

  1. What can we expect live on stage?

”An energetic performance, and me desperately trying to think of something to say in German.”


Thank you very much, we will see you in Berlin.

”Thanks! Looking forward to touring Germany!”


-Pukki, Steve’n’Seagullssteve-n-seagulls-farm-machine-7632_1

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