Immer noch nicht? Zumindest bleibt der Ohrwurm von ALBERT HAMMOND immer noch ein Sommer-Hit und unvergessen. So auch der Künstler selbst.

Sein Sohn ALBERT HAMMOND jr. tourt mittlerweile wie der Vater durch die Lande und Vater selbst ist immer noch heiß begehrt. Jetzt kommt er wieder auf große Tour und sprach zuvor mit unserem Redakteur Till Lament über vergangene Tage, den Beat Club und seine aktuelle Tour.


6.11. ERFURT – HsD

8.11. ROSTOCK – Stadthalle

9.11. BERLIN – Wintergarten Variete

29.11. DRESDEN – Alter Schlachthof

Hier das Original Interview (Übersetzung im aktuellen Cute and dangerous )

C&D: Do you remember your time with FAMILY DOGG?


  1. Yes I remember my time wi The Family Dogg, I first met Steve Rowland in Spain in the early 60’s then we met again in London in 1967 we both loved dogs so we decided to form a band and call it The Family Dogg with a double g, we thought it would be a good idea for the band to be like The 5th Dimension so we auditioned some girl singers and I had a writing partner called Mike Hazlewood so the band consisted of 3 guys and 2 girls Steve always got tired of the girls and changed them quite often, he would audition new ones at one point we had Irene Sheer as one of the girls we made a few Albums and we had a Top Ten Hit called Way of Life, sometimes we had John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin play on our records the band disbanded when Mike and I went to America in 1970.

C&D: Do you remember BEAT CLUB and MUSIKLADEN performances?

  1. We did Beat Club with Mike Lekabush a few times I remember it quite well, flying into Bremen we used to stay at the Park Hotel , I remember Mike Lekabush was very different to any TV Director I had ever met his ideas were different and innovative I used to love doing Beat Club. A few years later I got a chance to work with Mike Lekabush and Uschi Nerke but this time as Albert Hammond with songs like Down by the river and It never rains in Southern California Uschi was a wonderful presenter I think all of us guys who performed there had a crush on her she was kind sexy and beautiful and always had a Smile these were great moments in my life, I met Uschi a few years ago she came to one of my concerts, after the show we spent some time Reminiscing on the good old days.

C&D: Your still touring and the fans still love you? Do you enjoy it?

  1. Yes it’s wonderful to still be touring and touring, what can I sAlbert-Hammond-pic11_1ay a lot of my songs have become classics and because of that I had this idea of creating a show which I call The Albert Hammond Songbook where I sing all these classic songs that I wrote in the Last five decades and I tell Stories and anecdotes about the songs and the Artists that have recorded them I’m on Stage for over 2 hours it’s a wonderful experience and I take the audience through The Soundtrack of there lives.

I would like to thank all my fans for being faithful to me and to Germany „Thank You For The Love“


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