Sie stehen wieder in den Startlöchern, um alles platt zu rocken was geht. Die Rede ist von BLACK BONE, eine der besten und coolsten Live Bands die wir aktuell haben.

Redakteur Andreas Werner hat ein Interview geführt, um die Band etwas näher


C&D: BLESSING IN DISGUISE is a cool rocker. Give our readers a reason to buy your new album. 

– Thanks man! If you like Motorhead,Alice In Chains, Guns N Roses, Nirvana they would also like our 2nd album.

Our new album got a lot of melody in the vocals between Steef en Sven. Also with some heavy guitars on it but also a lot of dynamic’s in the songs.

C&D: What can we expect from your upcoming European tour? 

– Yeah October this year we’re going on tour(9 country’s), We’re really looking forward! As a band we like to have a fucking great time with the people at live shows! Going crazy! We’ll give the best we got.

C&D: As you are very young, what is the opinion of your parents? 

– Our parents were/are very supportive to us which is great. Steef’s daddy is always driving our van to the shows. Sven’s daddy is doing the ‚bizznizz side‘ and so they got all there own task. Haha.

C&D: Why do you play as a three-piece band?

In the beginning of the band we’ve tried to play with an 4th member which played the rhythm guitar. But it doesn’t work for us..

We like to play as a trio because everybody is free on his instrument. And we think ‚less is more‘

C&D: Any message for your german fans? 

Thanks for the interview! And we hope to see all the German fans at one of our shows in Germany upcoming October!


Thank you very much.

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