Seit einer Woche ist das neue Knaller Album von DEVILSKIN in den Läden.

Hier ein erstes Original Interview zum neuen Werk.

How would you describe the Song Pray  
Pray is a killer track with a punchy, combative riff and a deep message about friendship, betrayal and hope.

How does this track differ from the previous releases / singles  you’ve done   ?
I think Pray is a step ahead of our previous singles in that it has a depth to the music and lyrics that we haven’t touched on before. The riff is complex, modern and urgent while Jennies vocal delivery is honest and poignant.

Tell us the story about Pray 
Nic came up with the main riff for this track and we all felt it was pretty special from the first listen. The lyrics reflect on a person feeling less than perfect and desperately seeking solace and asking for help.

Three words to describe the song Pray  
Compelling. Urgent. Uplifting.

Please tell me about  the video for Pray .
The video was directed by Tim Van Dammen. We saw some of his work and really thought he could do justice to this song. We wanted it to be dark and make the viewer think. The soft focus combined with fast cuts and performance shots really adds to the songs power. You’d never guess that Jennie was quite pregnant at the time.

How did it come about?
As we loved what Tim the video director has done in the past we wanted to capture the real essence of the song and after some direction from the band on the theme were put forward we absolutely loved the final concept.

Any amusing tales for the day of shooting ?
Not really as it all went so smoothly. We shot this in Devil HQ our band room here in Hamilton NZ. The wardrobe assistant had some pretty crazy outfits with her so Nail and Paul dressed up in some wacky outfits (stuff we would NEVER wear) and posted a few photos online to start the rumour mill. People thought it was going to be full of ninjas.

What are your plans for in 2017  for the UK and Europe and your goals beyond. 
We start 2017 with a massive gig in Christchurch out doors & next to Canterbury Cathedral that was damaged in the earthquakes in 2010, we see the New Year in with our friends HALESTORM before we head to Australia with them for some shows on the East Coast. We definaltely want to get back to the UK and Europe early in the new year and we are currently locking in dates. Watch this space!

Any last words?
The support for Pray really was overwhelming, it looks like our friends and fans have really embraced this track and we can’t wait to release the album. We feel really confident in what we have achieved on the new album.

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