CHRIS SPEDDING ist ein absoluter Mega Hit gelungen, das war in den 70ern „Motor Bikin“ war in allen Charts und ist heute noch ein Dauerbrenner. Auch wenn er musikalisch nicht diesen Hit toppen konnte gelangen ihm in der Zeit danach unglaublich viele gute Soloalben.

Viel gefragter war er aber, bis heute als Gitarrist für andere Studioproduktionen und zuletzt in der Band von ROXY MUSIC Frontmann BRYAN FERRY. Nicht zu vergessen, sollte er auch Gitarrist bei den ROLLING STONES werden, bevor Ron Wood im Gespräch war.

Andreas Werner hatte außerhalb der Norm die Gelegenheit ein Interview mit dem Super Gitarristen zu führen.chris-spedding-promo-pic-15x20

-uncut and original-


C&D: I think you have so much to talk, we can fill a book? Have you ever thought of writing a book about your musical carrier? 

Kim Bright wrote my biography (Chris Spedding: the Reluctant Guitar Hero publ 2005) so I didn’t need to. Maybe I’ll write an autobiography myself telling things from my point of view, but Kim’s book pretty much covers everything up to 10 years ago

C&D: You are the most variable musician I remember. I think of punk (Sex Pistols), Rock (Roxy Music), Glam pop (Womlbes), jazz (Carla Bley) and so on and on. What is your favorite kind of music to play and to listen?

I like all kinds. I know where I am with older stuff like Louis Armstrong’s Hot Five and early Duke Ellington, but if I hear a good new song at the gym or on the radio I usually have to ask someone who it is.

C&D: You played with so many mega stars, is there someone missing you like to work together?

Bob Dylan and Elvis.


C&D: Will you play MOTOR BIKIN still on stage?


C&D: What was your best experience?

I’ve had some great times. I like to think there are some more good times yet to come.

C&D: What was your worst experience?

I try not to think in terms of a bad experience – I just try to move on and learn from anything negative.

C&D: What do you listen to on your ipod?

It varies a lot. Depends how I feel. Amy Winehouse has been a major recent inspiration.

C&D: Did you repent your choice not to join the Stones?

No. That was never going to be a good idea.

Thank you very much


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