Heute spielen die Holländer live in Berlin. Als Special Guest von VALIENT THORR um 20:00 im Urban Spree in Friedrichshain.

Unsere Musikchefin Nina hatblack bones_1 bereits im Vorfeld mit den Jungs geplaudert. Hier ist das Original Interview.


C&D: BLESSING IN DISGUISE is a cool rocker. Give our readers a reason to buy your new album.

We’ve put a lot of hard work in our new album because we wanted to reach a higher level for the fans and for ourselves. All of our new songs have their own feel and touch which brings in a lot of diversity. We spent months dedicated in our own home made studio to create a piece of work we’re all proud of. And now it’s time to share it with you! Go check it out!

C&D: What can we expect from your upcoming European tour?

We’re going into this tour with a fresh and heavy set of new songs so we hope we can get everyone crazy about our live show! The most important thing for us is that we create a bigger fan base after playing in all those 9 countries for three weeks.

C&D: As you are very young, what is the opinion of your parents?

Luckily, our parents are very supportive. They stood behind our back since the beginning of the band and always helped us out. Especially at our age, it is very important to have parents that understand your choices.

C&D: Why do you play as a three-piece band?

We tried playing together with more musicians, but it didn’t work out for us. There wasn’t really any connection and they didn’t think and feel the same way we did. So we tried playing with just the three of us, and eventually this felt really good. We had the basics: drums, bass, guitar and vocals. That’s all we needed!

C&D: Any message for your german fans?

Make sure you check our tour dates! We’re playing a couple shows in Germany during the tour so come meet us and check our show!


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